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Hello readers I am back with another interview today with ex Manchester United player and ex Scotland international Lou Macari. Hope you enjoy the read.

Hi Lou question one is; What are your thoughts on the white card being brought into our game for a ten minute sin bin for dissent? 

LM: I would love the white card to be a part of the game! There should only be one man in charge and the players need to know that. I think Platini is on to a winner with this idea.

Question two for you is; Will the Indian Super League be a success for football globally?

LM: I really hope so! It is largely down to which players the league can attract. A massive good luck to the IPL from me.

I am sure they appreciate the good luck messages Lou,  with the players they have brought in so far I can see it doing very well, players like Anelka, Pires, David James and managers like Peter Reid I can see it taking off quickly!

Lou Macari who was your footballing hero whilst growing up? 

LM: Jimmy Johnstone, Celtic FC, GENIUS! Check him out on youtube.

Q4: Who would make your all time XI? And who would manage that team?

LM: Sir Alex Ferguson would be my all time greatest manager, as for a team I just cannot choose, there are to many great players to pick just eleven from.

And final question I have to ask you Lou is who do you think is the next best thing? The biggest young prospect.

LM: Again I'm sorry but I cannot pick one from so many. The problem with modern day football is advisors, money orientation, distractions, wrong companies and not enough strong bosses like in the past when managers were mentally firmer.

Excellent thank you for your time Lou it has been a pleasure. Thank you to the reader for taking the time to read this interview and like I said follow me on twitter @lupto_blogger and look out for future interviews!

Hi guys its me again, James Lupton, and I’m back with another interview this time with the former Chelsea man Dave Lee. He was kind enough to take the time to take part in my interview. Its a must read for all Chelsea fans.

Firstly I would like to hear your opinion on gay footballers, would they be treated like 70s style racism or will players be respected for coming out?

DL: My opinion on gay footballers is the same as gay people , entirely up to them what they do in there life , I think players would be respected for coming out.

Second question for you Dave is this, is football now becoming more of a business and less of a sport filled with passion for the game?

DL: Football is now a industry with all these massive fees. Owners are billionaires so money is no object to them.

The greatest footballing debate, who is the best player to ever grace the pitch?

DL: Greatest player ever In my opinion was the Brazilian Ronaldo as he's more my era and I saw him play live.

Wow, no Pele or Maradona! But see what your saying, one of the finest finishers ever! A proper striker!

On a personal note who was your footballing hero growing up?

DL: Ok so footballing hero Glenn Hoddle. Was privileged to play with and against and be managed by Glenn Hoddle. A sublime talent. 

Fantastic player Dave! One of my idols to!

And finally my personal favourite question, who would make your best ever eleven?

DL: Neville Southall, Cafu, John Terry, Bobby Moore, Paulo Maldini,  Graeme Souness, Glenn Hoddle, Gazza, , Ronaldo, Pele, Diego Maradona   Subs: Gianfranco Zola, Leo Messi , Franz Beckenbaur, Paul Scholes and Cristiano Ronaldo. My manager would be Cloghie! 

What a team that is! Even named me a subs bench to! That is a frightening team, Thank you very much Mr Dave Lee. 

And as always a massive thank you to you the reader, it is a pleasure to write for you all, feel free to follow me and my progress and all my blogs on twitter @lupto_blogger

Hi guys its me again, James Lupton. I'm back with another interview this time with the Liverpool legend that is Jamie Carragher, he was kind enough to take the time to take part in my interview. Its a must read for all football fans, some of you may have already seen a sneak peak at one of Jamie's answers as the sport bible featured it.

Hi Jamie,

1. What is your opinion on gay footballers, would they be abused or will players be respected for coming out?

JC: Erm it could be a bit of both, stick from a section on the terraces but think the dressing room would be fine in the main.

2. What is your thoughts on the massive transfer fees these days, is football becoming a business more than a sport?

JC: It is a business and it has been like that for a long time and fees will continue to rise as the next TV deals will be bigger again.

3. Very valid point! I would also like to know who was your footballing hero growing up?

JC: Well I was an Everton fan as a kid and that player would change on a weekly basis!

4. Never realised you were a Everton fan Jamie! Next question I have for you is the greatest football debate ever, who is the greatest ever player?

JC: PÈLE as he's my mate after seeing him at the World Cup!!

5. What a player he was! Now then Carra, who would make it into your best team ever and who would manage that team?

JC: .Neuer, Cafu, Baresi, Desailly, Maldini: Xavi, Matthaus, Zidane: Messi, Van Basten, Maradona. Players from whom I've seen. But at the moment the best player in the world is Cristiano Ronaldo and the best manager in the world at the moment is Jose Mourinho.

Wow what a fantastic team of players there! Great picks, now that wraps up the interview Jamie I cant thank you enough for taking the time to do this for me.

JC: No problem James.

And as always a massive thank you to you the reader, it is a pleasure to write for you all, feel free to follow me and my progress and all my blogs on twitter @lupto_blogger

Our new resident football writer, James Lupton met up with ex Sheffield United and England U21 midfielder, Curtis Woodhouse to find pick his brains on a host of footballing issues, including his all-time footballer. Here's what he had to say.

Hi Curtis,

Firstly thank you for your time and partaking in this short interview. My first question for you is;

What’s your thoughts on gay footballers, would they be abused or respected for coming out?

CW: abused by opposition fans, team mates wouldn’t care less, I had a gay team mate, nobody cared, he’s still not come out for fear.

Very interesting to hear that players are out to team mates but not the public! Second question for you Curtis is;

2) What’s your thoughts on the massive transfer fees these days, is football becoming a business more than a sport?

CW: Crazy, money has taken the game away from the people, it’s a business and a very big business at that.

Agreed! It’s a shame, in years to come it could ruin the beautiful game we all fell in love with! The third of five questions is as follows Curtis;

3) Who was your footballing hero whilst growing up?

CW: John Barnes!

Nice choice! But now for the greatest football debate, who is the greatest player ever?


Maradona a true footballing legend, lets try to put aside the hand of god…. And finally Curtis who would be your ultimate team?

CW: In goal I would have Alan Kelly, centre back pairing would have to be Tony Adams and Sol Campbell, Ashley Cole at left back and my right back would be Vassilios Borbokis. In midfield I would pick Paul Gascoigne and Bryan Robson in centre midfield with my hero John Barnes on the left wing and David Beckham on the right wing. My two strikers would be Brian Deane and Tony Agana.

Lovely mix of England legends and Sheffield Uniteds finest there Curtis! But who would be the ultimate manager to boss this team, Fergie? Jose? Pep?

CW: Only one manager for me, Brian Clough.

That’s an excellent managerial choice! That concludes this short interview, once again thank you Curtis for your time.

CW: My pleasure pal.

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After four exhausting days of pedalling, friend Andrew Allen has completed his 250 mile charity cycle ride for Fabrice Muamba's Hearts & Goals foundation.


On Monday 30th June, Andy left the Reebok stadium in Bolton on a journey to all of Muamba's previous clubs, ending with Wembley stadium where the ex-player captained England before he was forced to retire from football following a major heart attack 3 years ago.

Andy visited Birmingham City's St. Andrews, before cycling cross-country to London where he was pictured at Arsenal's Emirates Stadium and Wembley Stadium. Although tired, Andy was pleased to finish, indicating that one of the hardest factors was having to deal with the warm weather this week - especially after he accidentally dropped his sun tan lotion of a bridge on the second day.

To read more about Andy's story, or to donate you can visit his donation on the following link:



Well done Andy!!

Charity cycle ride to all of Fabrice Muamba's previous clubs in aid of his amazing charity, Hearts & Goals.

This week we're proud to announce that two friends of are cycling from Bolton Wanderer's Reebok arena, all the way to down to the London's Wembley stadium, via Birmingham City and Arsenal's Emirates.

Andrew Allen and his fundraising pal Steve Robinson hope to raise as much money as they can for the heart charity which attempts to prevent and treat people suffering from the sort of cardiac arrests which nearly claimed the life of Fabrice Muamba, just a few years ago.

The boys' four day cycling marathon will see them cover over 250 miles as they visit each of the clubs which Muamba played for, including Wembley Stadium where he captained England's under 21 team.

To see more of their journey and make a donation, visit

Any donation is welcome no matter how small. Thank you!


Day 1: Bolton's Reebok Arena

Day 2: Birmingham City

Day 3: Cycling - all day!!!!

Day 4: Arsenal's Emirates & Wembley Stadium




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