Hi guys its me again, James Lupton. I'm back with another interview this time with the Liverpool legend that is Jamie Carragher, he was kind enough to take the time to take part in my interview. Its a must read for all football fans, some of you may have already seen a sneak peak at one of Jamie's answers as the sport bible featured it.

Hi Jamie,

1. What is your opinion on gay footballers, would they be abused or will players be respected for coming out?

JC: Erm it could be a bit of both, stick from a section on the terraces but think the dressing room would be fine in the main.

2. What is your thoughts on the massive transfer fees these days, is football becoming a business more than a sport?

JC: It is a business and it has been like that for a long time and fees will continue to rise as the next TV deals will be bigger again.

3. Very valid point! I would also like to know who was your footballing hero growing up?

JC: Well I was an Everton fan as a kid and that player would change on a weekly basis!

4. Never realised you were a Everton fan Jamie! Next question I have for you is the greatest football debate ever, who is the greatest ever player?

JC: PÈLE as he's my mate after seeing him at the World Cup!!

5. What a player he was! Now then Carra, who would make it into your best team ever and who would manage that team?

JC: .Neuer, Cafu, Baresi, Desailly, Maldini: Xavi, Matthaus, Zidane: Messi, Van Basten, Maradona. Players from whom I've seen. But at the moment the best player in the world is Cristiano Ronaldo and the best manager in the world at the moment is Jose Mourinho.

Wow what a fantastic team of players there! Great picks, now that wraps up the interview Jamie I cant thank you enough for taking the time to do this for me.

JC: No problem James.

And as always a massive thank you to you the reader, it is a pleasure to write for you all, feel free to follow me and my progress and all my blogs on twitter @lupto_blogger

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