Our new resident football writer, James Lupton met up with ex Sheffield United and England U21 midfielder, Curtis Woodhouse to find pick his brains on a host of footballing issues, including his all-time footballer. Here's what he had to say.

Hi Curtis,

Firstly thank you for your time and partaking in this short interview. My first question for you is;

What’s your thoughts on gay footballers, would they be abused or respected for coming out?

CW: abused by opposition fans, team mates wouldn’t care less, I had a gay team mate, nobody cared, he’s still not come out for fear.

Very interesting to hear that players are out to team mates but not the public! Second question for you Curtis is;

2) What’s your thoughts on the massive transfer fees these days, is football becoming a business more than a sport?

CW: Crazy, money has taken the game away from the people, it’s a business and a very big business at that.

Agreed! It’s a shame, in years to come it could ruin the beautiful game we all fell in love with! The third of five questions is as follows Curtis;

3) Who was your footballing hero whilst growing up?

CW: John Barnes!

Nice choice! But now for the greatest football debate, who is the greatest player ever?


Maradona a true footballing legend, lets try to put aside the hand of god…. And finally Curtis who would be your ultimate team?

CW: In goal I would have Alan Kelly, centre back pairing would have to be Tony Adams and Sol Campbell, Ashley Cole at left back and my right back would be Vassilios Borbokis. In midfield I would pick Paul Gascoigne and Bryan Robson in centre midfield with my hero John Barnes on the left wing and David Beckham on the right wing. My two strikers would be Brian Deane and Tony Agana.

Lovely mix of England legends and Sheffield Uniteds finest there Curtis! But who would be the ultimate manager to boss this team, Fergie? Jose? Pep?

CW: Only one manager for me, Brian Clough.

That’s an excellent managerial choice! That concludes this short interview, once again thank you Curtis for your time.

CW: My pleasure pal.

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