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We've teamed up with Kits 4 Causes to spread the word about their great work donating your old football shirts to children around the world.

Think your old football shirts has had it's day - well here's what it could still do...

The primary aim of Kits4Causes is very simple. They want to help as many charities as possible achieve their aims through the use of football and the donated football kits we distribute.

Football is loved the world over, however it is the sad case that there are many people around the world who are not able to experience it like many of us in more economically developed countries can. Football can provide the vital connection needed for charities to get their point across, and the football kits become the incentive, breaking down stubborn social and cultural barriers to many issues experienced all over the world. Throwing money alone at these issues will not solve them.

We also aim to educate people within the UK on the potential for social development through football. We want to show the inherent power of football to make a real difference. We aim to create an appreciation for the life that many of us live in, whilst also showing how football can bring us together in the UK, regardless of gender, race or religion.

To donate your old football shirts or host an event of your own visit Kits4Causes


After four exhausting days of pedalling, friend Andrew Allen has completed his 250 mile charity cycle ride for Fabrice Muamba's Hearts & Goals foundation.


On Monday 30th June, Andy left the Reebok stadium in Bolton on a journey to all of Muamba's previous clubs, ending with Wembley stadium where the ex-player captained England before he was forced to retire from football following a major heart attack 3 years ago.

Andy visited Birmingham City's St. Andrews, before cycling cross-country to London where he was pictured at Arsenal's Emirates Stadium and Wembley Stadium. Although tired, Andy was pleased to finish, indicating that one of the hardest factors was having to deal with the warm weather this week - especially after he accidentally dropped his sun tan lotion of a bridge on the second day.

To read more about Andy's story, or to donate you can visit his donation on the following link:



Well done Andy!!

Charity cycle ride to all of Fabrice Muamba's previous clubs in aid of his amazing charity, Hearts & Goals.

This week we're proud to announce that two friends of are cycling from Bolton Wanderer's Reebok arena, all the way to down to the London's Wembley stadium, via Birmingham City and Arsenal's Emirates.

Andrew Allen and his fundraising pal Steve Robinson hope to raise as much money as they can for the heart charity which attempts to prevent and treat people suffering from the sort of cardiac arrests which nearly claimed the life of Fabrice Muamba, just a few years ago.

The boys' four day cycling marathon will see them cover over 250 miles as they visit each of the clubs which Muamba played for, including Wembley Stadium where he captained England's under 21 team.

To see more of their journey and make a donation, visit

Any donation is welcome no matter how small. Thank you!


Day 1: Bolton's Reebok Arena

Day 2: Birmingham City

Day 3: Cycling - all day!!!!

Day 4: Arsenal's Emirates & Wembley Stadium




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