Hello readers I am back with another interview today with ex Manchester United player and ex Scotland international Lou Macari. Hope you enjoy the read.

Hi Lou question one is; What are your thoughts on the white card being brought into our game for a ten minute sin bin for dissent? 

LM: I would love the white card to be a part of the game! There should only be one man in charge and the players need to know that. I think Platini is on to a winner with this idea.

Question two for you is; Will the Indian Super League be a success for football globally?

LM: I really hope so! It is largely down to which players the league can attract. A massive good luck to the IPL from me.

I am sure they appreciate the good luck messages Lou,  with the players they have brought in so far I can see it doing very well, players like Anelka, Pires, David James and managers like Peter Reid I can see it taking off quickly!

Lou Macari who was your footballing hero whilst growing up? 

LM: Jimmy Johnstone, Celtic FC, GENIUS! Check him out on youtube.

Q4: Who would make your all time XI? And who would manage that team?

LM: Sir Alex Ferguson would be my all time greatest manager, as for a team I just cannot choose, there are to many great players to pick just eleven from.

And final question I have to ask you Lou is who do you think is the next best thing? The biggest young prospect.

LM: Again I'm sorry but I cannot pick one from so many. The problem with modern day football is advisors, money orientation, distractions, wrong companies and not enough strong bosses like in the past when managers were mentally firmer.

Excellent thank you for your time Lou it has been a pleasure. Thank you to the reader for taking the time to read this interview and like I said follow me on twitter @lupto_blogger and look out for future interviews!

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