This month our resident blogger, Jams Lupton caught up with the ex-Chelsea and Spurs goalkeeper, Carlo Cudicini.

Today at Score More we have had the pleasure of interviewing a Chelsea and Tottenham legend Carlo Cudicini. Starting he’s career with AC Milan playing for clubs all across Italy Carlo eventually came over to play in England in the year 1999 signing for Chelsea FC initially on a one season loan deal before signing a permanent deal in 2000, after 141 games for the blues Carlo made the move across London to Tottenham in  2009. Cudicini is currently a free agent after a short stint at LA Galaxy and in he’s free time he has kindly allowed Score More to interview him, enjoy the read:

ScoreMore Question 1) Sepp Blatter was reported to want to introduce a white card into our game, what are your thoughts on the white card? It would lead to a sin bin for 10 minutes for protesting to the referee.

Cudicini: I am not sure it would be beneficial for football. I would personally stick with the yellow card.

ScoreMore Question 2) Will the Indian Super League be a success for football globally?

Cudicini: Is going to be a big challenge. Recruiting famous players around the world in their late 30’s doesn’t guarantee success. US football in the 80’s is a good example. They’ll have a great chance of success if they can structure it well with the right amount of space and time for young local players to develop.

ScoreMore Question 3) With Stevie Gerrard moving to the MLS will the MLS ever make the breakthrough and become one of the worlds biggest leagues or will it always be the league where players go to just before they retire ?

Cudicini: MLS is growing fast. 20 years ago they laid the foundation and it’s now slowly paying off. Almost every club has its own stadium and families, especially kids, loves to go to the matches. Last year the MLS had the 3rd highest average attendance after MLB and NFL, more than Hockey and basketball. My personal opinion is that they have reached a moment where they need to change a few of the existing rules in order to keep the momentum. It’s early to say but I think in 5 to 10 years time the MLS will be a stronger league that is able to produce a lot of young talented footballers.

ScoreMore Question 4) Carlo who was your footballing hero whilst growing up?

Cudicini: My idol when I was a kid was Walter Zenga, Inter Milan and Italy national team GK. When I become a professional player and understood the rules of it, I finally realized how much my Dad achieved in his career and I appreciated even more the success he had. So he is definitely my hero too

ScoreMore Question 5) Who would make your all time classic 11 and who would manage that team?



JT          BARESI     MALDINI





ScoreMore Question 6) Which youngster do you think has the most potential to become a footballing great?

Cudicini: Here in UK Sterling is doing very well. He’s definitely one youngster to watch.

And finally last question.

ScoreMore Question 7) Out of all the staff behind the scenes who made the biggest impact on your time at any club?

Cudicini: I have to thank each and everyone of my goalkeeping coaches. I managed to learn a lot from everyone. The one that had most influence on me has to be undoubtedly Giorgio Pellizzaro when Claudio Ranieri was at Chelsea.

For another reason, but as much important as my coaches, I ‘d like to mention all the medical staff at Tottenham, in particular the Head physio Wayne Diesel. They managed to save my career after the motorbike accident.

That wraps up our interview today, thank you for your time.

I hope you the readers enjoy the interview and as always you can catch up on all my interviews on twitter @ScoreMoreBlog

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