by Ross Jacobs - @riddley82

Hello!! Now didn’t we all enjoy the period without football. No BS from papers on who is coming and who is leaving. No awful intros from clubs on twitter unveiling their new signing. (if you haven’t seen the Rudiger one, don’t!)

So, like the first day back at school, I’m doing a sort of summer holiday report on the things I learnt so far about the transfer madness.


Undisclosed Fees

I hate these, I mean what are not being able to see? I’ve worked out its two things. One: the selling club don’t want to piss there fans off by revealing the meagre fee they have let a player go for, or Two: the buying club don’t want to piss their fans off telling them how much they have over payed for a player. It’s pointless anyway, 9 times out of ten we can work it out.

Maybe next time I’m in Tesco’s I don’t want how much I’ve spent shown on my receipt, and just put undisclosed on it.


Chelsea’s and Man City’s scouting system

How easy is it to be a scout at these clubs? Just turn Football Manager on and go ‘Oooh I see this player looks good, I’ll email Pep’

Not much thinking goes into it, another club goes in for a player and then one of these just out bid them. Back in 2013 with Bale’s fee still burning a hole on their pockets. Spurs went for Willian and more or less has sown up. Chelsea, not happy that another club may sign a player, came in and just bid a load more. Simple see.

City on the other hand just wait for other clubs to bring players through the ranks and splash the cash. Don’t agree? Walker, Jesus, Mendy, Silva and Danilo. Looking at all these one must wonder what the point of their academy is. I’ll come on to that a bit later.


Boring Transfers

Every summer two or three ‘transfers’ are mentioned so much by either Sky Sports news or the papers that by the end of it we barely care less.

Why can’t the buying club put a bid in, the selling club says yes or no and we move on.

For some reason, we have to be put through about 4-5 weeks of ‘you go first’ ‘no you go first’.

Now I know some gossip is just journalists bored, but there isn’t anything wrong in a manager just saying ‘no’ if a player is mentioned during a press conference. For the sake of twitter sanity this would help.


Genius Managers

Pep, Jose and Conte. Three managers put on the pedestal of Greatness. They Guarantee trophies…

Yes, as long as they spend.

With this in mind this puts my wife in that category. She can spend blind like no one.

I’m sure it must take years of training to spend around £300 million every season. And how must their respective Youth Mangers feel?

YM: Hey Antonio, I’ve this cracking young striker in the youth team. Scored 30 in just 25 last season.

Conte: Loan him.

YM: Yeah but he has done everything you asked for,

Conte: Loan him.

YM: But his pace is up...

Conte: Loan him.

Its pulling your hair out type stuff.



Let’s not ignore the elephant in the room. So while I shoo him out of my house. (How he got in I’ll never know) lets go over the biggest transfer ever.

Is it the end of the world? No

Is it due to being in Messi’s Shadow? Yes

Did it help PSG play in the same colours as Barcelona? Probably.

And lets not forget that PSG will have to balance to books somehow. Thou selling a Neymar for £140 a pop should help.


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