"It wasn’t even a pie… it was a pasty!"

This Tuesday morning as I opened up the paper to read about Sutton United FA Cup heroics, little did I think the story would be overshadowed by the very big shadow of Wayne Shaw & his pie eating adventures,

Wayne is reserve team keeper @Ganders Green Lane and Goalkeeper coach who is 45 years old and 23 stone in weight (146kg).




let us get one thing straight, I love the FA cup, I always have, so much so I could write another blog bout my Odyssey back in 2015, I am a goalkeeper, I am a coach and know that all keepers have a code to themselves ‘The Goalkeepers Union’, with that in mind – I feel sorry for the man they let sleep at the club 3 nights a week & hoovers out the away bench!

Wayne Shaw will be remembered as the roly- poly keeper who ate a pie/pasty in the dug out on the bench opposite Arsene Wengers’ Arsenal in one of the most important games in Sutton United clubs history

By the Chairman Bruce Elliot  & First Team manager Paul Doswell, there was ultimately a breach of the code of conduct and left with little choice than to ask him for his resignation before he got the boot, did he financially benefit from the publicity stunt linked to the poison of ‘The Sunbets’ sting *, will he be probed by the Football Association over last night’s events – most definitely.

I wish him all the best & find a club in the local area that value his commitment and personality – AFC Totton, Eastleigh will have him back I am sure,  

If Big Dave (you know who you are) didn’t have pie or a large pasty @HT he would not play in the second half = FACT, I know cos he used to send me to Greggs for a chicken bake to smash before a game on Hackney Marshes,

All of us have a Wayne Shaw inside fighting to get out, if I gave up the game – I seriously would have a massive void to fill and all the pies and pasties this side of Cornwall would never be close to plug the gap.

Monk Out

(*we @FootballTeletext do not support The Sun newspaper)

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