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 By James Frowen @JamesPFC82

As I write this, I’m in the middle of the time between the last game of the World Cup Qualification matches and the return of the various domestic leagues. Talking to my friends and work colleagues, you would have thought that the internationals weren’t football matches at all. But something so awful and hateful, it bought them all in to cold sweats even of the mere mention of the word ‘England!!!!’ 

How has it come to this? I was given two teams to support upon my arrival on this world we call, earth. Fortunately or unfortunately , depending on which way you look at it, I was given Portsmouth FC and England. I was told, in no way should I desert these sides no matter how bad it got. So I listened. And for 34 years now I have had my patience tested to the absolute maximum, by these two sides that I hold so dear.

When I was a kid, watching England was an event that was celebrated in my family’s house. Dad would get tons of chocolate in, and my three brothers and I would stay up until the final whistle. Friendlies as well. From the great Bobby Robson side, Graham Taylors Carlton Palmer led disaster, to Svens Golden generation, we never missed a match. Then I moved out and my son was born. He is now 12, with a 9 year old sister and we continue the same tradition. 



Except I feel like we are the exception to the rule. It seems everyone is fed up or HATES England. From what I gather it ranges from “The football is boring,” “England are s**t,” ”The players are overpaid and don’t care, so why should i.” Many more spring to mind. But why aren’t England afforded the same support as club sides? When a club loses three on the spin, fans get a bit annoyed and frustrated, but pick themselves up and dust themselves down, move on to the next fixture.

England go away to a competent Slovenia side, draw 0 – 0, and all hell breaks loose. Don’t get me wrong, we have the players to win these kind of matches. But some of the venom and anger is just way over the top. I know Arsenal, Man City and Liverpool fans and they all say the England footballers are useless. But correct me if i'm wrong, but don’t the very players they have just slagged off, play for the very club sides that they argue are the best, week in week out!!

Maybe its because the space between matches is more spaced out. Which means the result will stay longer in the memory, whereas club sides can have 3 days to get a bad result out of their system. Maybe we expect too much? I'm not going to pretend that England don’t annoy me. They do. The players psychological problems are there for all to see. Players unable to carry club form into internationals is so frustrating. But I could never not go or watch on TV. I will always support them no matter what. I've heard supporters say Wales are better than us. They aren’t. They had a better Euros than us. That is true. They got to the semis. But they also lost a game in France and I don’t need to remind you who that was against.  

We have good players. All we need is a good manager. And we’ll be fine. 

I watch the Under 21s and see the results for the other younger England sides, and the future looks really good. With the help of club sides England could have a successful future. I believe if we stick with them, the good times will come. I really do. I mean it could be worse, we could be Scotland!! 



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