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I ran a recent poll on Twitter asking the following question

‘If you knew your old football shirts could raise funds for a Cancer Charity would you donate them?’

I was staggered to see that 80% of voters indicated that they would. With several responses suggesting this was an excellent idea.  It has taken a few weeks but I’m pleased to announce starting on January 2nd the Shirts for Kids Campaign begins and will run initially for 1 month, supporting Children with Cancer UK.

How it works

I have arranged a partnership with who will administer cash donations to Children with Cancer UK via a Just Giving page in return for your old adult sized match day football shirts (home/ away / 3rd kits).  The Charity will gain funds and you will have donated to help fight childhood cancer.

FULL DISCLOSURE – However, in the interest of full disclosure you need to be aware that will then legally own the shirt and sell it on via their website.  I also want to assure you all that I am not on commission and the amount donated to the charity (50% or 100%) is your decision.

Still interested in donating your old shirt(s)? Read on for further details.  If not, scroll to the bottom for other ways to support.

About the Charity

Children with Cancer UK support children and families going through cancer, raise awareness and fund large scale research projects. Today over three quarters of children survive a cancer diagnosis whilst 50 years ago three quarters died.  I was shocked that despite this Cancer is the UKs biggest child killer. Please read more at

Childhood Cancer Facts and Figures

This is how you donate

  • You contact via this link with the details of the shirts you would be interested in donating/selling, including size and condition. Include a reference to @FPLSchool in the details you submit so they are aware this is a Charity Donation.
  • They are specifically looking for Adult sized match day shirts (Home / Away / 3rdKits)
  • They will then make an offer. They are usually between £5 and £20.  You can decide whether to accept or not.  If not keep reading!
  • If accepting they will ask you to send them the shirt.  When doing so you must include one of the following codes on a piece of paper inside the parcel.
    • FPLSchool50 (a 50% donation, you will receive the other 50%)
    • FPLSchool100 (a 100% donation)
  • I have provided both options as you will be expected to send the shirts at your own expense.
  • Once the shirt is received they will make the donations and/or pay you
  • You can keep track of the donation amount via the fundraising page. I have set a cautious target as I really have no idea how much the FPL Community will get behind the campaign

What if my shirt is not accepted/wanted by Classic 11?

Remember Classic11 are a business and whilst they are willing to support the campaign with administration time they are first and foremost a business.  If your shirt is not wanted or you choose not to accept their offer, there are other ways to support the campaign as listed below

Donate Elsewhere  The two charities below require football shirts for Africa that you could donate the shirt to. I’d encourage you to take a look:

Share/Re-tweet the campaign  If you don’t have a shirt you are willing to sell/donate then you can still contribute by getting behind the campaign and spreading the word over Twitter and social media. Help us make this a success.

Donate cash – You can also text SFKC99 £5 to 70070 to donate £5 which will go directly to the Charity.

Let’s do something amazing FPL Community


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