This week resident blog writer, Jordan Knill has been contemplating life in the Championship for the Premier Leagues big clubs.

I live in the Midlands, I am surrounded by Aston Villa supporters, they are by far the biggest and, historically, the most successful club in the area.

To see them floundering around amongst the poorer sides in the Premier League is absolutely criminal but it is certainly where they deserve to be. For the past four or five years they've been on a slippery slope that leads towards the second tier.

Now, much is made of relegation from the big league, most people will point to the financial ramifications it has, particularly this season. However, I personally think that relegation to those "murky depths" can be the making of a club.

Say Aston Villa were relegated, what would it mean in terms of playing personnel? Well, for starters it would almost certainly be curtains for the clubs high earners. Charles N'Zogbia, Christian Benteke, Darren Bent and Gabby Agbonlahor would all probably be swiftly directed towards the exit door. Now, the four mentioned are just an example, but can anyone really argue any of those players are hitting the heights they should be reaching? Quite simply, no. They're comfortable putting in below par performances and collecting their pay packets, In the case of N'Zogbia and Bent, neither are even close to the first team at present.

Now, Aston Villa have a nucleus that, in the Championship, could be worked on and developed into an exciting team. In the second tier youngsters like Jack Grealish and Gary Gardner would be given a platform to play regularly in front of those big crowds. They'd be given an opportunity to showcase their talents and get the regulars in the Holte End excited about their club once again. The chances of this scenario happening in the Premier League are remote because instant success is demanded by everyone, simply because of the finances involved in staying amongst the top dogs.

So don't worry Villans up and down the land, yes, you may go down, but if you do enjoy your season in the Championship. It's actually quite a fun ride. 

I'm a Newcastle United fan and I can quite honestly say our one season in the Championship was very enjoyable. We won a large majority of our games, seeing youngsters like Andy Carroll develop and produce when the likelihood is he'd have stood little chance of doing so in the Premier League.

What would you prefer, seeing the big earners continue to put in gutless performances in the Premier League? Or possibly watch talents like Grealish and Gardner blossom in the league below?

If it takes a relegation to sort the mess out it's surely worth it from the fans point of view? It may be a controversial view, but its one that I think has plenty of substance.


Jordan Knill

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